Applied for 4 GBCI & 4 AIA (HSW) LU

Friday, February 28, 2014  (8 am to 12 noon)

By AIA Contract Documents, The American Institute of Architects,
Washington, D. C.

Who should attend:  Architects, Designers, Engineers, Builders, Contractors, Lawyers, Financiers, Project Developers, LEED Professionals, Manufacturer Representatives and Property Managers/Owners.

AIA Contract Documents presents a panel of experts- Joshua Ballance, Esq., and Stuart Kaplow, Esq.- to provide you with the latest information regarding green building, sustainable business practices, model codes and sustainable contracting. Explore how emerging trends in sustainable design and construction can impact your firm, your projects and the public at large.

During this course, you will learn more about the International Green Construction Code (IgCC), a new national model code that provides minimum requirements to safeguard the environment, public health, safety and welfare, addresses natural resource, material, water and energy conservation, as well as indoor environmental quality and comfort, building commissioning, operations and maintenance for new and existing buildings, building sites and building materials, components, equipment and systems.

In addition, you will become familiar with the AIA’s Sustainable Projects contract documents, including the newly released Sustainable Projects versions of its Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) and Construction Manager Adviser (CMa) documents.  

Lastly, you will receive the latest updates on the US Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems and become familiar with how the AIA's new Sustainable Projects Contract Documents function with both the IgCC and LEED.

Available resources will be available to help you navigate sustainable design and construction projects including: The AIA Guide to the IgCC and The AIA Guide for Sustainable Projects. Attendees will also receive a live demonstration of the AIA Contract Documents product to discover how to search, access, edit, share and finalize sustainable projects contract documents. 

Learning Objectives:

Explore emerging sustainable design and construction topics such as implementation of the
          IgCC and new versions of LEED and how they can impact you and the public.

       2. Identify new challenges and risks faced by owners, contractors, and architects in designing,
           constructing, and operating sustainable projects in this fast evolving environment.

       3. Understand the development and purpose of the IgCC and how it is expected to make
           buildings more efficient, reduce waste, and have a positive impact on health, safety and
           community welfare.

       4. Review the AIA's new Sustainable Projects documents and understand how they can
           facilitate the provision of sustainability services and the achievement of sustainability goals on
           a project.


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 THU. Feb. 27  (8 am - 12 pm)
4hr:"Overview of Grid-Direct Solar
 Photovoltaic PV Systems

 Applied for 4 PDH/CE; 4NABCEP
By Solar Energy International (CO)


   THU. Feb. 27 (8 am - 12 pm)    
 4hr: "Approaching LEED in
 Latin America & the Caribbean:
 A Practical Overview"

 Applied for 4 GBCI & 4 AIA (HSW) LU

 By Aqua Terra (Panama)

   THU. Feb. 27 (8am - 12pm & 2 - 5 pm)
 7hr: "Grid-Direct Solar Photovoltaic
 (PV) Systems: A Technical and
 Business Overview of the Design &
 Installation of PV Systems"

 Applied for 7 PDH/CE; 7NABCEP
 By Solar
Energy International (CO)

   FRI. Feb. 28 (1 - 5 pm)    
 4 hr: "Aplicando LEED en
 América Latina y el Caribe:
 Una Aproximación Práctica

(in Spanish)
 Applied for 4 GBCI & 4 AIA (HSW) LU

By Aqua Terra (Panamá)

Joshua W. Ballance, Esq. is an Associate Counsel on the AIA Contract Documents team at the American Institute of Architects, Washington, D.C. Joshua works actively in the creation and revision of AIA Contract Documents and provides assistance to users of AIA documents. He worked with the AIA Documents Committee on the development and revisions of sustainable projects contract agreements and forms.


Stuart Kaplow, Esq. is an attorney and the principal at the real estate boutique, Stuart D. Kaplow, P.A. He represents a broad breadth of business interests in a varied real estate practice, concentrating in land use and environmental law with focused experience in Green building and sustainable business. Stuart Kaplow serves as legal counsel and past chair of the U.S. Green Building Council Maryland.


Anica Landreneau  Associate AIA, LEED AP, BD+C, Principal | Director of Sustainable Consulting, Global HOK

As HOK’s Global Sustainable Consulting Director, Ms. Landreneau manages the successful development and implementation of sustainability goals on local and worldwide projects. Ms. Landreneau leads the sustainable discipline in design analysis and research efforts to optimize building and site performance, development of education and training for internal capacity building, and external consulting efforts in policy creation and implementation, education and engagement programs, tools and resource development. Ms. Landreneau works with both public and private sectors clients on campus and master planning, individual buildings and entire real estate portfolios, including existing building stock.

Locally, Ms. Landreneau has worked with and continues to support the District of Columbia on local green building legislation, including triennial “greening” of building codes, policy development and implementation. Ms. Landreneau served on the DC Green TAG to review and adapt the IgCC 2012 for adoption by the District of Columbia in 2013 and is currently appointed to the Mayor’s Green Building Advisory Council.

At a national scale, Ms. Landreneau co-authored with the U.S. General Services Administration The New Sustainable Frontier: Principles of Sustainable Development, and recently authored the Sustainable Urban Planning Guidelines for New Growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will be published, codified and enforced in 2014.


Questions on this course:
Ms. Hasti Hejazi
AIA Contract Document Education Manager
The American Institute of Architects
(202) 626-7592



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